Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cats as Christmas Presents

Sometimes it may seem like a cute idea to give someone a cuddly kitten as a Christmas present, but it’s important to give that some extra thought before you do it. Most cats that are given up lose their home because their owners lose interest in them or are unprepared for the responsibility of cat ownership. This is a huge problem seen among cat owners who receive their cats as “gifts.” Children especially are given the mistaken idea that kittens are all fun and games, but they are not fully ready to take on the responsibility of feeding, cleaning the litter box, and trimming their claws.

Instead of giving cats as presents, we recommend getting acclimated to the idea of bringing a new cat into your home. Bringing your children to volunteer at an animal shelter or babysitting the cat of a friend or family member can help. Children and potential cat owners (no matter their age!) need to be reminded that cat aren’t just cute; they are also hungry, need to exercise, and need to use the bathroom. They can be messy when they aren’t fully trained, and the training process can be difficult too.

Please, don’t adopt until everyone in your family is READY. 

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