Friday, October 4, 2013

The importance of annual vet visits

When was the last time you had your pet into the office for a complete veterinary check-up? At Greater Lafayette Cat Hospital, we recommend that all pets come in on an annual basis for a complete physical examination.

These include a complete nose-to-tail check, a dental check, and a parasite check. Depending on your pet’s age, it may include blood work as well. These exams are so important for our pets because they help us, as your pet’s primary medical provider, to establish a baseline of health for your pet.

As your pet ages, this is very important for us because we are much better able to identify changes in their physical condition. For example, if we are familiar with your pet’s resting heart rate, basal body temperature, and appearance in complete health, we’ll be that much more equipped to identify a physical change in their health, prompting us to administer the appropriate diagnostic tests.