Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Cat-Friendly Thanksgiving

During the holiday season, our cats want to be in on the action just like anyone else. It’s important to be prepared for possible pet emergencies if your cat is going to be home during the holidays. It’s important to, first of all, educate your guests about not feeding table scraps to your pet.We recommend having pet treats set aside so that guests who do feel the urge to feed your cat will be sure to feed them something safe. 

We recommend keeping all garbage can lids on tight as that trash is going to start smelling delicious to your pet once it’s filled with discarded turkey bones and other rich holiday foods. If possible, we also suggest keeping your cat in a quiet, comfortable place away from the action during mealtimes. This keeps them from temptation when plates or food items are spilled on the floor, and can also help alleviate their anxiety. 

All pets should be given the opportunity to take a nap during the holidays, after all, on regular days most of our cats sleep for 16 hours or more!